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Submitted on
January 13, 2013
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AISH that was amazing as always never failing or tripping up in any of ur poems and I can't write as much as the one below me but this was sweet and yeah talk about DE-NI-AL! Haha wow I can just imagine this as an animation^^* what a nice story it would be to tell n read and even watch xD AWAH I just can't get enough of ur poems so please keep going and i will keep reading as long as I find the time^^* FIGHTING SPIRIT!*
An sorry if anything I just said maybe offended u in any way *90 degrees bow* I'm just really dumb n blind at times^^'
This is cute and simple and really the title is a pretty good choice! Love it as always :heart:
If it's really happening to you, maybe you want to be in denial 'cause you don't want to be hurt or you make it seems like you're oblivious 'cause you don't want to hurt him in any way if it doesn't work out or you don't feel the same or whatever, I can't guess your motives/reasons/feelings and really it's none of my business so I really hope you don't ever feel like I'm prying or something and if you ever think I do simply tell me I'll understand and stop doing these awfully long comments on your very personnal and emotionnal poem...

But taking a leap of faith can sometimes be the best thing that ever happened in your life! (again talking like that when I'm not really better in taking a leap of faith when it comes to boys... ) Just hope you feel not better 'cause I don't think you're feeling bad or sick (I hope not) but less confused in what to do maybe? Or just feeling like the world makes sense again and is soooo much simple!

Okay I think I'm gonna stop commenting here since I'm not even sure I'm making much sense and I'm probably writing things that doesn't apply and have noooooo link with anything here sooooo bye! :hug:
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