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I called it.
You assured me I was wrong.
And when we went our separate ways,
It was the same familiar song.
I wanted you so bad
And I guess I didn't want to see
The way you cared so deeply,
But you never needed me.
You have a life all your own.
Such a reputation to aspire to.
No time for uncertainties...
Only beauty to inspire you.
My glow dimmed and my gloss faded-
You saw me at my worst,
Still, you kindly waited.
But the good you saw, I didn't see in me.
I ruined 'us' like a fool with my insecurity.
But I don't know how to change-
How to love me for myself.
It's like you saw I was beyond broken
And you returned me to the shelf.
I called it.
And as you walk even further away,
I know I can't blame you 'cause..
There's nothing keeping you here to stay.
It doesn't matter that I love you...
Or that I need you the way that I do.
But it matters that you refuse to take me And choose to love me too.
I hope you're still around and still free
When I find the confidence I lack.
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Where He'll Be by realARTIZT Where He'll Be :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 13 1
My Petition
It seems I've lost it.
Is it so?
Could it be my mind?
My nerve?
My heart?
I don't even know.
All was well I guess,
But now I'm up in the air.
So many familiar faces here
That obviously no longer care.
At some point it will get better-
I hope and I pray.
But this weight is all on me
At the end of the day.
I keep snatching back this burden,
The one I keep letting go.
I keep telling you all of this
As if you don't already know.
I just need you now.
Please make this okay.
Show me what to do,
Where to look,
Tell me what to say.
I'm trying my best to stay close.
Please don't leave me behind.
Don't let go of my hand
So peace and contentment I'll find.
Just don't give up on me.
I know I don't deserve your love,
But please continue to watch over me...
Keep guiding me from above.
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Kit by realARTIZT Kit :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 140 22 WIP - Coming soon (so keep watching! lol) by realARTIZT WIP - Coming soon (so keep watching! lol) :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 4 0 Stray by realARTIZT Stray :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 131 44 DP - Fantasy Landscape Commission by realARTIZT DP - Fantasy Landscape Commission :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 14 2
red eye
You asked me what I wanted and I'll tell you this
I don't wanna be left alone in my thoughts tonight
I don't want to hold on to the past
But I wish this time would linger
That every minute would hold an hour for me
Talk as if you remember how close we once were
And let the sarcasm rest for a while
Just for tonight can we vow to forget transgressions
Showing familiar faces
Sharing familiar words
There's very little I can do to keep from crossing lines
It's been so long since it has crossed my mind
But rare nights like these stir something inside
Things I thought had finally been settled
Let's not be frustrated
Poised to lie with a smile
Be honest
Be compromised and weak
No gates to pass through
No baggage to claim
No tags to remove
Just get onboard
:iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 4 1
DP - Character Concept Portrait Commission by realARTIZT DP - Character Concept Portrait Commission :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 13 0 DP - Full Body Armor Commission by realARTIZT DP - Full Body Armor Commission :iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 2 0
The way I feel
I think it's true
I think it's over
I'm over you
It took a while
For me to see
You were meant for someone
But just not me
And it's funny
I don't feel bad
I feel detached
I don't feel sad
I didn't think
I'd be alive
I thought without you
I couldn't survive
Yet here i am
Standing alone
Happy to be here
I'm in the zone
And things are good
Do you feel the same
There's no hate between us
No one's to blame
:iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 3 0
Too lucid to rest
The hours ticking away
Laying here unsure
Of what will become of my day
Hanging on to each second
Hoping that it'd last
Searching for something
I must've lost in the past
Only a remnant
Of a darkened dream remains
The part you can barely remember
But still sticks in your brains
This is the one feeling
I thought had finally passed
The emptiness
From a 'forever and always'
That could never last
:iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 2 0
It's whatever.
Some poems don't leave your heart
No pen to paper
Not rolled or wrapped in twine
It stays unsaid
The unspoken truths of a hollow heart
Hidden deep in your mind
We dance around phrases
Ones that have become taboo
Still in lockstep
In harmony
In sync
Fighting away for something new
But those eyes don't shine like they used to
That voice has found its depth
And this feels surreal and unnatural
The moment I know there's nothing left
Although day and night can never meet
Somehow sunrise and sunset come in between
But I ache to see your stars
And I know my rays won't find you now
Another truth and alas a broken vow
There are some poems I can't quite express
But then there's these moments
These stupid moments where I write this mess
Word by word line by line but still unseen
Always there hidden in between
You read my poems the ones before
I wrote them just to write
But in each one I say these exact same things
And that haunts me every night
The fact I push when I want to pull and I pull to pu
:iconrealartizt:realARTIZT 3 2



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